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Detained but Released...

182-1100 Regina/Regina – Spinward Marches A-788899-A Naval & Scout Base Surka and Mika have paid a fine and been released, but the Pittner is still under impound. Hearing before the magistrate is scheduled for tomorrow…

Old Friends Remembered...

Arrived in system….

Checked in at the Scout Base for some minor maintenance. Received a message from Mika… he’s mustered out and looking for something to do…

Mika Ennari



Yori C-360757-D Desert World Research Station BETA



Time to Go...

138-1100 Regina/Regina – Spinward Marches

Mika is detained a further week in the outer system, and the Scout Base is looking askance out Surka’s “puttering” – He’s been in port almost three weeks now, with a ship that is completely spaceworthy…

Surka files flight plans for Hefry and accepts three tons of cargo (Vacc Suits) and three middle passengers: a bureaucrat (Ermi Nisimru) and two “executives” (Meriku Ishii and Anru Kirakshu) for discrete transport to Hefy.

Nisimru is an employee of Sternmetal Horizons doing a spot check on the Hefry installation (Spot Check = “surprise audit & inspection”) – Ishii and Kirakshu are to deal with any “difficulties” that develop during the ordeal.. urm, inspection stop. ‘Crat does not expect any trouble, but is VERY concerned about lack of ship armament – but he DID accept passage all the same…

While in transit to the jump point, was hailed by the 600T Subie Liner, Lysander, that commented on the empty turret – they’ve encountered pirates at two of their last five port calls. “Be Careful, Little Friend” (The BR does some “transport” work for the IISS on a pretty regular basis.

The Pittner also pinged a 50 ton cutter that was en route to the Regina High Port. Pilot not very talkative, but transporting workers from the belt system.

Running in Circles...


Regina/Spinward Marches

Still hanging out (nothing better to do, really).

Surka’s friend in Supplies is still off-planet and will be delayed yet another week (some maintenance issue in the outer system) – And seeing as the surplus stock that’s of interest is HERE and not THERE… there’s not much point in going to see him, is there?

He did, however, send the name of a Mechanic over at Oberlindes Lines – he might have something Surka could scrounge for…

On the way over, Surka overheard some SPA Officers discussing a recent pirate raid in the outer system and that there seems to be an upswing in piracy attacks in the last few months. Obtaining some armaments now seems like a REALLY good idea!

At Oberlindes, the mechanic is off on leave until next week, but the clerk standing in for her state that they did expect to have some surplus equipment soon, but the auction wouldn’t be for another four weeks. Seems that they’re scrapping out two tramp frieghters that were heavily damaged in a recent pirate attack (!!)

So for now, it’s back to the Scout Base and some further tinkering and adjusting the Pittner to get her ready… sooner or later, we’re just going to have to go.

Cooling My Heels...


Regina/Spinward Marches

Still looking for some spare parts and a lead or two on some armament for the Pittner. Surka has a friend who’s still in the Service, but he’s off planet for the next few days.

Mustered Out!


Regina/Spinward Marches 0310/A-788899-A

After 28 years in the Scout Service, Surka Mukasri was assigned to detached duty and assigned to the The Pittner, a fifty year old Scout Courier originally from CORRIDOR sector.

Spent several days rounding up supplies and equipment to restock, resupply, and outfit the Pittner. No turrets or ship’s weaponry available (at a price he could afford anyway).

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Travels of the Detached Duty Scout/Courier Pittner and her crew in and around the Spinward Marches (and other, interesting tangents), starting in the year 1100.


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