The Foster Chronicle

Running in Circles...


Regina/Spinward Marches

Still hanging out (nothing better to do, really).

Surka’s friend in Supplies is still off-planet and will be delayed yet another week (some maintenance issue in the outer system) – And seeing as the surplus stock that’s of interest is HERE and not THERE… there’s not much point in going to see him, is there?

He did, however, send the name of a Mechanic over at Oberlindes Lines – he might have something Surka could scrounge for…

On the way over, Surka overheard some SPA Officers discussing a recent pirate raid in the outer system and that there seems to be an upswing in piracy attacks in the last few months. Obtaining some armaments now seems like a REALLY good idea!

At Oberlindes, the mechanic is off on leave until next week, but the clerk standing in for her state that they did expect to have some surplus equipment soon, but the auction wouldn’t be for another four weeks. Seems that they’re scrapping out two tramp frieghters that were heavily damaged in a recent pirate attack (!!)

So for now, it’s back to the Scout Base and some further tinkering and adjusting the Pittner to get her ready… sooner or later, we’re just going to have to go.



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